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Survivors of Depression In Transition



We are a Charitable Organization and we provide a holistic perspective in dealing with depression (charity no. 1190165).


We provide a service-user led drop-in sessions with a friendly emphatic, safe environment.


We also facilitate one to one counselling with qualified professionals.


The Issues and Challenges 


  • Depression affects 1 in 7 people in the UK, meaning over 6 million people nationwide are at present, depressed.


  • Women are twice as likely as Men to suffer from depression.


  • Female depression is twice as likely as Male Depression to be chronic.


  • Depression is sometimes hard to recognise so often goes untreated and there are a few support groups out there.










Why Women? Why Depression? Why SODIT?


  • There are many barriers to accessing Mental Health Services for both men and women. These are outlined in ‘Action on Mental Health: Into the Mainstream’ (ODPM).


  • Women asked about their depression many expressed they are faced with extra barriers. These include:


                           1. Domestic Violence


                           2. Childcare Issues


                           3. Sexual Harassment


                           4. Eating Disorders


                           5. Powerlessness


                           6. Feeling Patronised


                           7. Sexuality and Heterosexist Assumptions



These findings indicate a clear need for Women’s Mental Health Support Groups – like S.O.D.I.T.

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